Peace: It does not mean to be in a place of no noise or hard work; 

It means to be amongst those things and still be calm in your heart. 


Yama's & Niyama's CE Credit Course With Paula Ribotto

Yamas and Niyamas; Tools for Living your Potential -

A 12 Month Course with Paula Ribotto

*Dive Deep into the Teachings of Yoga

*Strengthen Your Practice

*Build More Inner Awareness

*Inspire your Students

As a yoga teacher or dedicated yoga student, you may be familiar with the terms, ‘yamas and niyamas’, the first two limbs of the 8  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The Yamas and Niyamas  are usually covered to some degree in your 200 hr YTT and they are worth revisiting, as they take continuous engagement to really have an impact. This powerful yearlong program will explore the Yamas and Niyamas from the lens of being a yoga teacher. How do they show up in your life? How do they inspire your role as an educator? How can the Yamas and Niyamas support you in your practice, in your teaching, and in your life?

What are the Yama's & Niyama's?

These 12 months are designed to deepen your yoga practice and expand your learning and teaching through a devoted exploration of ancient wisdom teachings. Each 2 hour monthly class will have a Kriya (yoga postures series) inspired by the Yamas and Niyamas, meditation to enhance your understanding of the principles, and a wisdom circle with discussion and reflection.  

All levels are welcome and encouraged! Upon completion of the program, Yoga Teachers will receive 30 Continuing Education credits. (Not-yet Yoga teachers also welcome to participate ;)

Step more into your authentic self and bring these principles off the mat and into your life!

Date and Time: 

Thursdays once a month for 12 months, Starting date January 11th, 2018, 7:30 – 9:30pm

monthly classess after that will occur on the 2nd Thursday of every month 7:30-9:30pm

Want to take this course but can't make these dates?   find out here how you can take this course online!

This program is designed to lead you through the Yama’s and Niyama’s in such a way that you can explore their meaning as it pertains to you and bring forth your own wisdom from them.  What I have to offer are my own insights, experience, and teachings through yoga and meditation that are only meant to be given as a support to your own work with the Sutras and not to be internalized as your own understanding or taken on as your own beliefs.  I strongly feel that the sutras are given to us as a means to find our own way in this world with ease so that we can experience our full potential as a human being.  What you put into this program will be what you get out of it.

 In this 12 month program, you will receive:

  • 12 specialty workshops
  • Custom meditations to go deeper with each teaching
  • Supportive community and monthly wisdom circles
  • Weekly homework and reflections
  • 30 CE credits!!!

A Value of Over $1600!                

Your Investment: $997

PLUS, get these great BONUSES!!!

  • 2 private coaching sessions with Paula = a $216 Value
  • A 12 part yoga video series with Paula = a $160 Value
  • Supportive community, on-line group, and e-mail support = PRICELESS

    All this for ONLY $997

AND!! Register before Dec. 17th and Receive:

A FREE Numerology Reading with Paula!! Value = $108

A payment plan option is also available: $97/month for 12 months.

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 What students are saying...

"I absolutely love this course! It allows one the courage and space to go within and take an indepth look at all aspects of self from the inside out and the outside in. I am learning to filter every thought, word and action through this wonderfully contemplative and practical tool that allows me to see and confront those things I need work upon, as well as to recognize and honour the beauty, the balance, and the truth of the progress I have made in my life so far. Through Paula's wise teachings and beautifully constructed classes, she has expanded my understanding through the Yamas and Niyamas, and I have come to know a more open heart and open mind as well as a more loving perception of self, of those close to me, and of everything and everyone within my reality. If only this was central to the school curriculum.... the world would be a more beautiful place, no doubt! Thank you Paula for the priceless gifts of wisdom that you offer anyone to seek out for themselves if they are only willing to show up and do the work. You are a fabulous teacher and blessing! Sat Nam"

Bobbi Henderson 

"This course has exceeded my expectations!
I greatly appreciate the email support and the one on one session.
I feel more overwhelmed now than I did when I started the course but I also know that I have learned where I can implement more of yoga off the mat. Even before the course I was aware that an alignment in thoughts, words and actions is necessary to live your truth. This course has emphasized the important of living my truth." Rianna Hampton
"I feel very fortunate / grateful to be on this journey -- I amata loss for words, I know this will continue to shift me. Today there may be subtle shifts but I feel it is deeper than my thinking brain can or will articulate.  Paula is a very encouraging teacher, excellent living example of compassion (to me + how I can be compassionate to myself); the weekly e-mails of teaching, things to consider and the chance for me to really spend some time to consider how the sutras show up in my life by writing + submitting each week have been a termendous gift." Charlene Burford
"I really love the weekly emails that have given me a much better understanding of the wider scope of what each yama can be related to in our lives and so it helps me see where i am in alignment with it or not in this broader scope." Angela Slomke